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Library Link ‘is’ a good way forward

Jenny Levine on her theShiftedLibrarian blog posted an entry ‘Library Link Isn’t a Good Way Forward‘ whilst I suspect steam was emanating at high pressure from her ears.

She had prepared a presentation for a NEASIST event last week in which she shows how WorldCat could be integrated into online resources and used Wikipedia as the example resource.

I illustrated some ways WorldCat could be integrated into various online, non-library resources, one of which was Wikipedia. As an example, I edited the entry for The Da Vinci Code and under External Links, I added “Find libraries near you that own The Da Vinci Code” (snapshot).

Seventeen minutes later (that’s 1-7 minutes later), Violetriga removed my link, citing the very vague reason ” ‘find a library’ link isn’t a good way forward.”

WTF? Needless to say, I was beyond irked…..

The initial reaction is that Violetriga is being a bit precious about the content, and not getting it as to how ‘finding it in your library’ adds value to an entry.

I see now, from that Richard’s [no not me] comment on Jenny’s posting, that Wikipedia has a standard way of doing what she wanted to show. Makes you wonder why the link wasn’t changed to that instead of just being removed.

Anyway this example rings two bells in my head. Firstly 17 minutes! Thats how long it took the white blood cells of the Wikipedia community to start the healing process for one of its pages. I suspect that the unit of measure for something like Encarta is at least months as against minutes.

Secondly the Wikipedia Book sources special page demonstrates the vast array of choice a surfer has that will hopefully lead them to a copy of the the book at a location near them.

This then raises another set of issues around maintaining those links which Justin discusses in his blog entry Taking aim at deep linking problems with OPAC directory services last month. Interestingly RedLightGreen who is partnering with us in this area are one of the links off the Book sources page.


Justin has started a thread OPAC directory and deep linking on the Talis Research Forum so that interested parties can discuss ideas for developments around the service. Come join in……..

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