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28th November – a door closes “Adieu to Google Answers” the Official Google Blog bids farewell to Google Answers – as Lazytechie says:

Google has shut down their google answers service .But i wonder why did they shut down their service .May be it might not be very popular ,but it was very informative , had quality and google brand name.In my opnion they should have convert it to free service .

Predictably the Yahoo! Answers team invite the former Google Researchers to join them.

Back at the end of September Microsoft opened up their beta equivalent service Windows Live QnA to the public. They seem to be putting more of an emphasis on the community side of answering questions. QnA community members have fun and help each other by asking, answering and voting on questions. – democracy hits the field of providing answers to questions that searching cannot satisfy!

So as one paid for service closes another free and community driven alternative joins the field – time will tell who got it right.

Being from the library world in the UK, I wouldn’t be doing my duty if I didn’t reference Enquire the collaborative “a live question and answer service available 24 hours a day, every day” service which has been successfully run by the MLA and about 100 UK public libraries for several years

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  1. Ben Toth Says:

    It’s quite healthy for the eco-system that while Google is shuffling off its question answering service Amazon is starting one up

  2. sekhar Says:

    Thanks a lot for mentioning abt my view .

    I still believe if google would have converted “answers” to free service it might have been another successful journey .In this competitive world it is too hard to create a new market , but it is easy and wise to upgrade or change the existing market to a better one .

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