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Karen Calhoun joins OCLC

Karen Calhoun. Image (c) Cornell University Library

Congratulations to Karen Calhoun on her new position at OCLC as Vice President, OCLC WorldCat and Metadata Services.

I respect Karen tremendously, and look forward to seeing whether her undoubted knowledge, experience and commitment to delivering evolving services can help turn the lumbering behemoth in a new direction more appropriate to our current expectations and requirements.

OCLC is crammed full of extremely talented individuals. It’s still going the wrong way, and I continue to watch for their panic-stricken waving from the deck, as they realise that they can’t turn the [grain? 😉 ] tanker before it crashes into the rocks.

Update: post edited to correct my mistyping of Karen’s new post; it’s Metadata services, of course, not Member services.

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4 Responses

  1. caleb Says:

    The article says,

    The move was part of a reorganization at OCLC designed to achieve global integration of services provided by the world’s largest library cooperative.

    Any other news about this “reorganization”? For example, isn’t this George Needham’s position?

  2. Paul Miller Says:


    I only know what’s in the release… but it doesn’t appear to me to be George’s position as VP for Member Services.

    Perhaps George, Lorcan Dempsey, or someone else at OCLC could elucidate on the wider reorg… ?

  3. caleb Says:

    ugh. That’s embarassing! I misread ‘metadata’ as ‘member’. I can’t wait for 300dpi screens. Or I should really see about those glasses for computer reading.

    Still – reorganizing?

  4. Paul Miller Says:

    Caleb – it’s MY mistake! I miswrote ‘metadata’ as ‘member’ in the post. No wonder you were confused!

    Many apologies…


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