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Xiphos on Thomson Reuters / Zotero

There has been much comment following the launching of legal action by Thomson Reuters against George Mason University, and their latest release of the Zotero browser plugin which includes the ability to import EndNote styles.

There has been an interesting thread of conversation on my earlier post on the subject – Thomson Reuters Sends Zotero a $10 Million EndNote.  I am especially intrigued as to the real identity/loyalty of the person who only identifies him/herself as ‘Anon’.

Because the main users of Zotero are to be found in academic institutions, this topic is of great interest to those addressing the issue of applying Internet, Web, Social Networking, Semantic Web and other emerging technologies to the world and practice of education and learning.

It is hardly surprising therefore that our sister blog Project Xiphos, has also covered this topic in a post The $10 million question…, which has received a thoughtful comment from Richard Karnesky.

While you are over on the Project Xiphos blog, I recommend a scroll through some of the other posts.  It is starting to evolve in to a really good heads up on thinking and initiatives in the education, learning and research space.   It reminds me of the early days of Panlibus when we were exploring the influences and thoughts that led towards Library 2.0.

I would particularly recommend some of the Xiphos featured Talking with Talis podcasts, and Sarah Bartlett’s post about the book Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns.

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    The case has been dismissed:

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