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Free hosting for Open Data

Over on our sister blog Nodalities, my colleague Leigh Dodds has announced the launch of  the Talis Connected Commons.

True to our desire to see a truly open web of data, under the terms of the Connected Commons scheme Talis is offering free access to the [Talis] Platform for the purposes of hosting public domain data. And the offer isn’t just limited to free hosting: the data access services, including access to a public SPARQL endpoint, are also freely available.

The terms of the offer are as follows: if you own, or are creating, a public domain dataset then you can store that data in the Platform as RDF, for free. We’re setting an initial cap of 50 million triples on each dataset, but that should be plenty of space in which to collect some really interesting data.

So have you got, or want to create, up to 50 million triples you would like to put in the public domain along with up to 10Gb of content.  Yes, well get yourself over to the The Connected Commons page and check out if you qualify.  There is also a FAQ to give you more detail.

The Connected Commons is for all sorts of data, but I’m positive that the library world provides a rich source of such open data sets – get in there guys and get your data openly linked and out there.


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