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The Library 2.0 Gang on Cloud Computing Libraries and OCLC

L2Gbanner144-plain OCLCcloudsAs commented previously OCLC recently announced a bold move in to providing hosted, Web-scale, Software as a Service functionality for managing libraries.  Joining other library cloud computing initiatives, such a SerialsSolutions Summon product, and Talis Prism, this is the first to venture in to the realms of circulation, and acquisitions.    

In light of this and at a time when Cloud Computing is gaining acceptance in the wider Internet and computing worlds, now was a great time for the Gang to focus their thoughts and comments on the topic.

In this month’s Library 2.0 Gang, new Gang member Frances Haugen from Google, joined Marshall Breeding and our guest Dr Paul Miller to explore what Cloud Computing is, and to speculate what the OCLC announcement should be viewed.

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