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Dates and Times in Decisions

One frequent question in Decisions is date format. “Out of the box” Decisions may (depending on the PC’s settings) default to US date format (month-day-year) rather than the [dare I say more logical?] UK norm of day-month-year. This can cause frustration. Here are two examples of the same prompt in Web Intelligence, one with US settings and one with UK Settings. default date 2 default date

Note that the same date (9th May 2012) is selected on the calendar but the actual date displayed in the box is in different formats

There is a Solution on the Support website which explains this, but the key is to go into Preferences in Infoview. Preferences apply just to your own log-in/username and are accessed by clicking a link in the top right of the Infoview page:

                                default date 4

Within Preferences you can then select the “Preferred Viewing Locale”. Set this to English (United Kingdom), save your changes and that should do it.

                                                       default date 3

If it doesn’t, you may need to go further down the Preferences, click on the down arrow next to Web Intelligence and select Use my preferred viewing locale to format the data

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