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Use your Mac to check your Library Books

Came across Library Books a simple but nifty MacOSX application which runs in a user’s menubar and shows them a list of books that they have on loan.

Another addition to the ever increasing set of useful add-ons to simplify access to the library, but more unusually this one is delivering user account information.

Looks good on the web site. Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac so I cant test it. Also as of today it doesn’t work with Talis Prism, but after a few emails with the author I do not expect that situation to last too long.

A Windows version sometime?………….

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  1. Paul Miller Says:

    Use Macs, will test… 🙂

  2. CIE Thoughts Says:

    Keep track of your library books… automatically

    Writing on panlibus, Richard Wallis draws my attention to Library Books, a really useful-looking application for the Mac. It drops an icon into the Mac’s menu bar [at the far left of the screenshot], and connects to your local…

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