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Blogging giving a library site the human feel

TheShiftedLibraian hails the Ann Arbor District Library‘s redesigned web site as ‘The Perfect Library Blog Example‘. The superlatives are well deserved.

The cross between a traditional library web site, a library blog, and the catalogue interface, produces a whole experience which is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. It’s clean simple visual style, coupled with the natural [personal] style of content which naturally emanates from blogging to their customers (as against broadcasting at them), delivers an interface which I think that the citizens of Ann Arbor, Michigan should be delighted to be part of. Using the blog commenting facilities, which their customers certainly are, gives the impression that the library is not only providing a service to, but is also part of the, community.

Just scanning the site gives you the feeling that there are humans behind it.

Great site, and yet another exemplar for what can be done, for the rest of the Library world to aspire towards and beyond

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  1. The Shifted Librarian Says:

    AADL Site Follow-up

    This is so awesome that it deserves its own post! Eli Neiburger from the Ann Arbor District Library caught last night’s post about their site and has this to add: “A few things I wouldn’t want you to miss… our…

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