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At the Talis Research Day on19th July I Demonstrated an example of how mixing together the Silkworm Directory Service and the Google Maps API could be used to produce a new way to deliver a public interface into the OPACs of the UK.

As promised this fledgling library directory service is now available to play with live, here. With its, currently limited, data set it will be very useful for people living, or studying, around Worcestershire and Birmingham. The intention is to increase the data set by building on the Silkworm Directory, and Access services as they become established.

The application enables you to select the area you want to find libraries within, the type (Academic, Public, Public Library Branches), and system supplier,. These are then indicated on a Google Map which can be zoomed, paned, and changed to satellite view. Clicking on a map indicator opens a window giving details of the library, a link to its information page, and a search box. Using the search box you are taken directly into the library’s OPAC to view the results of the search.

Check out the Silkworm white paper and the Silkworm site for background Silkworm and the Talis Research view on Web 2.0, its ramifications and opportunities.

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    Disrupting the status quo with Web 2.0

    In his blog, Richard MacManus asks where are the disruptive starts-ups in Web 2.0? Well, Talis are not a start-up (we are a thirty year old company) but what we are doing qualifies I think. Perhaps uniquely among Web…

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