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Images of Huddersfield Library PDA project

In my posting about my recent enjoyable trip to the University of Huddersfield I asked Iman Morandi [Huddersfield’s answer to Superpatron] if he had a screen shot of the PDA application which he produced as part of his library project.

Not only has he done that, as you can see, but also he has provided a link to a flash demo of it running here. ( Once it has loaded, click on the button and once the display has come up hover over the book jacket images)

I’m sure Iman would like me to emphasis at this point that this is a demonstration of a prototype, and not as yet a real product.

As Superpatron himself, Edward Vielmetti commentedthat’s a good idea“. Again Iman, a thought provoking, simple but impressive demonstration of what the technological side of Library 2.0 is all about – getting the bits of the library that a user can benefit from to where they need it when they need it!

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