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John Blyberg (that mover and shaker) muses in his latest post about the social role of the OPAC.

Dave Pattern the always active proponent of doing stuff to add value to the experience of those using the OPAC at the University of Huddersfield, has spent much of his weekend Ajax-ing to deliver functionality around serendipity suggestions and related items.

All this cranial and coding activity as made me start to wonder what would be the norm for OPACs in say 4-5 years time. In the same way the Web OPAC had become the norm by 2000 (although its early predecessors surfaced in 1995), by 2010 the results of pioneering work today should be part of the mainstream.

I’ve pondered this a bit more in a forum posting in TDN, where I’ve thrown up the question “OPAC-2010 what do you think it will look like?

I invite you to tell me where you think the OPAC as an interface to our/your libraries is headed…

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  1. Melanie Keady Says:

    Hi Richard,
    At what point does the OPAC, i.e direct access to the library catalogue, cease to be that because it becomes an information Portal, i.e access point to what ever information the user wants , (their personal portal) or we, the library/institution enable access to?

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