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“MySpace for older set” sounds quite like bits of the library?

ZDNet carries a piece from Reuters, entitled “Bertelsmann looking to create ‘MySpace’ for older set”, which continues;

“German media group Bertelsmann plans a return to the Internet and is looking at transforming its Direct Group of book, CD and DVD clubs into an Internet networking scene for older people.

The company believes that Direct Group can turn its aging customer base of around 35 million to its advantage by changing its traditional clubs into Internet communities of like-minded people united by their similar cultural interests.”

In many ways, an interesting idea, but I can’t help wondering what role the library could play here were the community to demonstrate sufficient will?

“Book club” ?

“similar cultural interests” ?

Sound familiar? And would you rather have that with or without Bertelsmann’s “lucrative” proposition that is to be “driven by advertising” and [presumably with] an “intrusive brand”?

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