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Mashing up the City

Travelling home last night, I listened to a podcast from Mashing up the Library judge and InfoWorld columnist, Jon Udell.

In the recording, Jon talks with Dan Thomas and Suzanne Peck from the Washington DC city government about their DCStat programme. DCStat provides live data feeds for an increasing proportion of the city’s service delivery, and creates opportunities for the City – and others – to interpret and reinterpret those data in potentially fascinating ways, a la

The conversation suggests many opportunities from which we could learn in this country, should the Guardian eventually succeed with their Free our Data campaign.

I was left wondering, though, if DC’s libraries could get involved in DCStat at all. If they could, it would make for a great competition entry

Also last night, we recorded the latest Library 2.0 Gang podcast; a great discussion around mashups, LibraryThing, and more. It’ll be up on later today, and is well worth a listen.

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