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A good day for Microsoft?

BBC Technology News site

Visiting the BBC News site as I so often do, I was this morning greeted by this on the Technology pages;

  • Microsoft announcing prices for their new media player (note to Microsoft… you will never dislodge the iPod with a bakelite-brown device. Never, ever, ever.)
  • Microsoft signs Peter Jackson up to do Xbox stuff.
  • Microsoft signs an agreement with the Beeb.
  • A poll, asking whether Peter Jackson should do Xbox stuff for Microsoft (70.27% of the highly non-representative sample of 11,589 voters thought he should when I voted)

The Anatomy of Buzz at work. Microsoft’s PR machine can burble away all it likes, but this kind of attention (which, admittedly, Microsoft’s PR machine would be involved in generating) is worth so much more than advertising by Microsoft.

I also note, over in the right, that Richard Branson has unveiled my space ship, It’s getting cheaper, too, so I may need to revisit my maths.

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