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Talking to Elizabeth Lane Lawley

One of the judges on OCLC’s software contest, Elizabeth Lane Lawley, has an interesting post about the process, and about the value it brought her in the discovery of a new and useful tool.

I couldn’t agree more, and tried to respond to her post with the following. Somewhere along the line, though, my TypeKey id, her site security and (according to the error, anyway) my e-mail address had a major falling-out, and no comment was accepted.

So I’m posting it here, and trackback-ing/ tracking back to her original post in order to complete the loop. My original comment has only been altered in order to turn written-out URLs into hyperlinks on the words.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had the opportunity to make the sort of discovery that Liz did?

“Both the winner and runner up are, indeed, excellent examples of library innovation, as were the entries received during the Mashing up the Library competition which also ran this summer.

We maintain an open ‘Innovation Directory‘ to showcase such examples in one place, in order than everyone else may learn from them.

The 18 Mashing up the Library entries are in there, as are Umlaut and BookBurro, and more than thirty others.

It would be great to add the other nine (?) OCLC entries, if we could find out what they were?

This first iteration of the Innovation Directory is (deliberately) technically simple, and we are inviting comments from its users on the features and structures that would be of most use to them before we implement a richer solution.

For now, anyone with an entry to contribute should get in touch with us and we’ll get them added.”

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