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Library Technology Guides Syndicate The Library 2.0 Gang

Library 2.0 Gang_ Hosted by Richard Wallis Library Technology Guides ‘Key resources in the field of Library Automation‘, created and edited by Marshall Breeding, has been doing an excellent job "providing comprehensive and objective information related to the field of library automation".    Along side the mass of information about library system companies, library catalogues throughout the world, next-generation catalogs, and an archive of press releases, Marshall’s GuidePosts blog is always a source of informative information about the library sector.

I am therefore very pleased to announce that the The Library 2.0 Gang series of podcast discussions has now joined the the array of resources available from the Library Technology Guides site.

My goal of fostering open conversations between vendors, their customers, and opinion formers in the library market, is closely aligned with Marshall’s objective delivery of information for the benefit of all.  The Library 2.0 Gang, and Library Technology Guides complement each other well.

This move will bring the lively conversations, that Marshall describes in his post announcing it, to a much wider audience.

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