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Clay Shirky opens Online Information Conference 2008

Well actually he was preceded by Conference Chair Adrian Dale who popped up this fascinating counter on the screen.  Although a simulation, it drives home just how much information is being created.
 bytes created
(click for the animated version)

Against this background Clay then presented on the theme from his latest excellent book Here Comes Everybody, that also formed the starting point for the Talking with Talis podcast I recorded with him for the Online Information Conference series.

Don’t get me wrong Clay’s book is good, but you can’t beat having him stood up there telling you about it.   By using examples, such as readers of a blog that covered political unrest in Thailand who then got upset when she then blogged about her new pink mobile phone;  or flash-mobs being arrested in Belarus for ‘eating ice cream’; and many others, he showed the way that the publishing cost has moved to zero for most people which means we can all do it, the ramifications of which is enormous.

For a more detailed commentary on his presentation check out Ewan McIntosh’s post, which appeared whilst Clay was still  answering questions from the stage – a feat I could never attempt to compete with!

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