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Jenny Levine @ Online Information Conference 2008

Good wifi, expensive questionable quality coffee – the conference moves on after the great start from Clay Shirky

You find me in track two with keynote, and Talking with Talis interviewee, Jenny Levine.  

Jenny starts with a proposal that we are now entering an eighth age of librarianship in which librarians will have to start  interacting with the web services cloud, where their users are using blogs, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, mobile phones, etc., etc.  She reference the previous seven ages as described in this 1999 paper by D. W. Krummel [pdf].  

As examples she spoke about library sites which are putting Twitter feeds on their home page which they then post to for library announcements or even serendipitous information about people borrowing new books etc.

She is a great proponent of RSS as a way of distributing information from library blogs, twitter feeds, newly catalogued books, updates from journal suppliers, etc. and not only delivering it in to individual users’ readers but in to the library web site to provide automatically up to date pages.  RSS is the glue that links stuff together.

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