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OCLC Dumps New Record Reuse Policy

Jennifer Younger OCLC logo Jennifer Younger, Chair of the OCLC Review Board of Shared Data Creation & Stewardship announced in a presentation on May 18th [video stream and presentation slides here] that they are to “Formally withdraw the proposed policy

From her presentation:

  • We affirm that a policy is needed, but not this policy
  • Formally withdraw the proposed policy
  • Until a new policy is in place, reaffirm the existence and applicability of the Nov. 16, 1987 “Guidelines for the Use and Transfer of OCLC-Derived Records”

She goes on to explain how they are to move on to “Discuss the role and value of WorldCat in the information ecosystem, and ways in which it can be leveraged” – “Devise a process for drafting and maintaining a new policy” [quotes from slides]

In her speech [from 16 minutes in] she indicated that the process for drawing up a new policy “must involve the governance structure of OCLC – the proposed policy is fundamental to the functioning of OCLC

The development of this policy without sufficient consultation has led some to the conclusion that members are not successfully influencing the directions of the organisation; which in the eyes of some weakens OCLC.  It’s certainly not in our best interest

An announcement, and honest admission of getting it very wrong, that I suspect nobody at OCLC expected to be making only a few short months ago.  It is now up to their membership to influence and help the organisation get these fundamental principles right.

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