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Janene Cox talks with Talis at the Summer Reading Challenge launch

In this podcast, Sarah Bartlett talks with Janene Cox, Assistant Director for Cultural Services at Staffordshire County Council, at the launch of the Summer Reading Challenge 2010 at the House of Commons. All the community libraries in Staffordshire deliver the Summer Reading Challenge, and Janene describes the preparations that are made every year, and how it relates to other year-round and cross-generational reader development initiatives. The Big Society was a significant theme at this year’s launch, and Janene emphasises the efforts made in Staffordshire to increase the number of volunteers helping with the Challenge. Janene believes passionately in the importance of reading as a basic life skill, and argues that it is difficult to participate fully in society without it. For Staffordshire, the target groups have shifted over the past 5 years but have recently included young offenders and looked after children. Janene is not afraid to discuss the operational challenges of running the Summer Reading Challenge, but emphasises the positive outcomes and is confident of its ongoing sustainability even in such a cost-sensitive climate.

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