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Kim Docking talks with Talis to review the Summer Reading Challenge

This podcast was recorded at Walsgrave Church of England Primary School to review this year’s Summer Reading Challenge. The Head Teacher Kim Docking talks about how participation in the Challenge has gradually increased over the past two years as teachers and children alike have shared their enthusiasm across the school. The school serves a socially-mixed area, and for this summer, Kim was keen to involve those children who have no exposure to reading over the summer holidays and whose performance slides downwards at this time. So for Walsgrave Church of England Primary School, the strategic importance of the Summer Reading Challenge is about continuing to narrow gaps and ensure that all children enjoy equality of opportunity. Kim is confident that the Challenge has promoted awareness of the library service and has encouraged children to read and enjoy reading. By positioning the Challenge as an integral part of broader literacy initiatves and a thematic curriculum, the school is ensuring that its Summer Reading Challenge gains are sustainable.

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