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British Library 2020 Vision – A Podcast Round Table with Dame Lynne Brindley

2020cover Back in September 2010 the British Library unveiled their their thinking about priorities and aspirations for the next decade – 2020 Vision [pdf].

As the associated area of the BL web site explains:

2020 Vision is our 10-year vision, following 12 months of extensive and wide-ranging research and consultation. In today’s climate of significant technological change, it highlights what are likely to be the key trends and opportunities over the next decade, and indicates how we will develop as an organisation to increase access to the world’s knowledge base for our users.

As a major [inter-]national library and significant planet in the solar system of UK culture and heritage the BL, and it’s vision for the future and subsequent shorter-term strategy is of wide interest and relevance – not least to those working within the academic and public library communities.

Dame Lynne Brindley In today’s conversation I bring together British Library Chief Executive, Dame Lynne Brindley, Head of Strategy and Planning at the BL, Lucie Burgess, with Ayub Khan, Head of Libraries – Strategy for Warwickshire Library & Information Service, and Library Consultant Owen Stephens.

In this fascinating conversation we hear how the BL went about the process of forming and publishing their Vision, the need for it, and how it will influence their direction over the next few years.  Owen & Ayub reflect upon what it may, or may not, mean for UK libraries for academic and public libraries and share with us their marks out of ten for the vision.

The 2020 Vision Site is also worth a visit to scan through some of the background and to view the research that underpins the vision:


University of the West of Scotland talks with Talis

UWS LibraryIn this podcast, Sarah Bartlett talks with Gordon Hunt, University Librarian at the University of the West of Scotland.

As Gordon explains in the podcast, the University of the West of Scotland is a very young institution, having come into existence in 2007, as a result of an institutional merger.

We talk about the challenges of running a multi-site library against a backdrop of significant organisational change, ensuring that an equivalence of experience is obtained for all students regardless of location. We take a broad view of how the library works with the rest of the university and helps to meet corporate objectives. In so doing, we discuss a wide range of topics such as the changing role of the library in teaching and learning, the budgetary challenges of the present and future, internal partnerships, external community engagement, and the student experience.

We also consider the distinctiveness of Scottish Higher Education, and how the Scottish context also impacts the library’s operations.

Staffordshire University library talks with Talis

Staffordshire University logoIn this podcast I talk with David Parkes, Associate Director for Learning Technology and Information Services at Staffordshire University. On the day that the library at Staffordshire University launched its 24 hour service, meaning that the library will now be open continuously until next July, David and I discuss how his team has adopted more agile working practices in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century information landscape and all that entails in terms of technological change, student expectation, budgetary pressures and shifts in the publishing supply chain.

Talking with Talis Podcast: Hazel Hall, Strategic Leader at LIS Research Coalition

Dr Hazel Hall


In this Talking with Talis Podcast I speak to Hazel Hall, the newly appointed Strategic Leader at the recently established Library and Information Science Research Coalition. We discuss how the six month old Coalition aims to address leadership and advocacy challenges by working with five bodies representing each corner of the LIS Research world (currently, the British Library, CILIP, JISC, MLA and the Research Information Network). As the first to be appointed to drive the aims of the Coalition, Hazel Hall’s plans moving forward and her vision of a successful first year are also discussed.

University of Sheffield library talks with Talis about its Outstanding Library Team shortlisting

In this podcast, I talk with Martin Lewis, Director of Library Services and University Librarian at the University of Sheffield. We talk about the shortlisting of his team for the Times Higher Education Supplement Outstanding Library Team Award, 2009. Martin describes features of Information Commons (see photo) that have proven particularly popular in the university since its opening two years ago, and we go on to look at developments and plans in place to build on this success. We also discuss the importance of responding actively to feedback from students and working closely with academics. This ensures that the library service meets the evolving needs of University of Sheffield’s two core businesses – learning and teaching on the one hand, and research on the other – and staff within this outstanding library team develop and grow in this dynamic environment.

Bournemouth University library talks with Talis about its Outstanding Library Team shortlisting

In this podcast, I talk with members of the library team of Bournemouth University, which has been shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Supplement Outstanding Library Team Award, 2009. We look behind some of the innovations of this library service, such as the Techno Booths (see photo) which have proven so popular across the university. We discuss how Bournemouth University library‘s impressive operational efficiencies have been achieved. And we also explore the thinking behind Bournemouth University library’s success. It’s striking, for example, how the library staff are constantly reaching outward, developing strong relationships and partnerships beyond the library walls, and indeed, beyond the university itself in some cases. Underpinning all this of course is the importance of team work. This is, after all, the award for an outstanding library team. It’s appropriate therefore, that I be joined by not one but three members of the library team, namely:
David Ball – University Librarian
Chris Spencer – Library Procurement Librarian
Jill Beard – Deputy University Librarian

The [Conservative] Future of Libraries – Ed Vaizey Talks with Talis

Ed Vaizey

The next UK general election is probably only a couple of years away and there is a serious possibility that we could see a change of governing party. Against this background Ed Vaizey, Conservative MP for Wantage & Didcot and Shadow Minister for Culture is beginning to shape his thoughts and future policy with respect to libraries.

This podcast conversation, recorded in Ed Vaizey’s office in the Houses of Parliament, explores Ed’s thinking as to the way Government should influence library services provided by local authorities; is the MLA as an organisation the appropriate way to promote libraries at a national level; and even is the Department of Culture the right place for libraries to be represented.

With a guest appearance of Big Ben, chiming the hour, this is an interesting insight into the thoughts of a senior opposition politician on the future of libraries.

This conversation was recorded on Wednesday 10th July and edited on a Mac with Garageband.

JISC & SCONUL Talk with Talis about Library Management System Study

Rachel Bruce of JISC and Anne Bell of SCONUL join me in the latest Talking with Talis podcast to discuss the recently published JISC & SCONUL Library Management Systems Study – An Evaluation and horizon scan of the current library management systems and related systems landscape for UK higher education.

We discuss the report, the reasons for commissioning it, how it will inform the on going debate about the future of academic libraries, and how libraries could use it.


During the conversation we reference the following resources:

This conversation was recorded on Friday 9th May  and edited on a Mac with Garageband.

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SLIC’s Elaine Fulton Talks with Talis

elaine_fulton Elaine Fulton Director, Scottish Library and Information Council/CILIP in Scotland is the subject of this Talking with Talis Podcast.

From library assistant in East Kilbride to Director of SLIC, Elaine has had a long career in and around Public Libraries in Scotland. For a significant amount of that time she was associated with library systems, which has been a great help in her current position.


We discuss her career; the role of SLIC/CILIP in Scotland; the differences and advantages of working through the Scottish Government; and past and current SLIC projects.

This conversation was conducted as a SkypeOut call on Wednesday 5th March 2008, recorded with Ecamm Network‘s Call Recorder for Skype, and edited on a Mac with Garageband.
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CILIP Chief Executive Bob McKee Talks With Talis

Bob McKee In this Talking with Talis podcast episode I am in conversation with Bob McKee, Chief Executive of CILIP – the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in the UK.

Bob, a librarian with a long career in public libraries and local government, shares his interesting and entertaining views and opinions about the challenges faced by his organisation and the professionals it supports.

He also discusses his experience of blogging From the Chief Executive’s Desk.


This conversation was recorded on Friday 18th January 2008, on a Mac with Garageband.
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