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Janene Cox talks with Talis at the Summer Reading Challenge launch

In this podcast, Sarah Bartlett talks with Janene Cox, Assistant Director for Cultural Services at Staffordshire County Council, at the launch of the Summer Reading Challenge 2010 at the House of Commons. All the community libraries in Staffordshire deliver the Summer Reading Challenge, and Janene describes the preparations that are made every year, and how it relates to other year-round and cross-generational reader development initiatives. The Big Society was a significant theme at this year’s launch, and Janene emphasises the efforts made in Staffordshire to increase the number of volunteers helping with the Challenge. Janene believes passionately in the importance of reading as a basic life skill, and argues that it is difficult to participate fully in society without it. For Staffordshire, the target groups have shifted over the past 5 years but have recently included young offenders and looked after children. Janene is not afraid to discuss the operational challenges of running the Summer Reading Challenge, but emphasises the positive outcomes and is confident of its ongoing sustainability even in such a cost-sensitive climate.

Fiona MacDonald talks with Talis at the Summer Reading Challenge launch

In this podcast, Sarah Bartlett talks with Fiona MacDonald, Head of Library and Education Services at Walker Books at the launch of the Summer Reading Challenge 2010 at the House of Commons. Fiona describes how she, as a publisher involved in the Challenge, works in partnership with The Reading Agency on the selection of titles. Fiona values the wonderful exposure that the Challenge gives to books and authors, particularly the tendency to select less obvious titles, promoting new authors and illustrators. She relates how publishers work with public library services before and during the Summer Reading Challenge, and emphasises how happy authors are to be selected, and to participate in complementary events in libraries with children. Fiona sees the future of the book as being one of the mixed economy, affirming that the physical book will survive the digital revolution.

Staffordshire University library talks with Talis

Staffordshire University logoIn this podcast I talk with David Parkes, Associate Director for Learning Technology and Information Services at Staffordshire University. On the day that the library at Staffordshire University launched its 24 hour service, meaning that the library will now be open continuously until next July, David and I discuss how his team has adopted more agile working practices in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century information landscape and all that entails in terms of technological change, student expectation, budgetary pressures and shifts in the publishing supply chain.

University for the Creative Arts talks with Talis about its Outstanding Library Team shortlisting

In this podcast, I talk with members of the library team of University for the Creative Arts, which has been shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Supplement Outstanding Library Team Award, 2009. The library team has worked tirelessly to meet the challenges and maximise the benefits of the 2005 merger of Kent Institute of Art & Design and Surrey Institute of Art & Design University College, from which staff have emerged feeling confident about their roles for the future. The discussion explores the immense progress that has been made in developing a unified library service from a number of angles. More broadly, the podcast offers a rich picture of an effective library team, within a highly coherent institution, that has solid relationships and feedback mechanisms in place to ensure that the library maintains its relevance to all its stakeholders.

All the better to hear us with….


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Talis watchers will be well aware of the significant number of podcasts that my colleagues and I produce here at Talis.  Apart from the mainly library focused podcasts here on Panlibus, there are the more semantic web based ones on our sister blog Nodalities, education focused ones on the Project Xiphos Blog, and of course the Library 2.0 and Semantic Web gangs.

Keeping up with these streams of podcast output can be a bit of a challenge, so we have taken a few steps to make things easier.

Firstly, on Panlibus, Nodalities, and Xiphos we have created a ‘podcast’ category.   By selecting podcast in the category selector, you can view only podcast postings for that at blog.

Next we have implemented a feed aggregator which brings all the Talis podcasting output in to a single feed under the Talking with Talis brand.  The displayed version of this feed is not as elegant as each dedicated blog feed, but all the information is there and it is a great place to select the aggregated feed for your favourite RSS reader.

iTunes is tool that many use to track download and listen to podcasts.   The Talking with Talis iTunes feed has now been updated to include all of our podcasts.  If you don’t already have this free feed set up in your iTunes, click here to do it now.

Last but not least, you will have noticed the RSS feed widget at the top of this blog post.  This widget is freely available from SpringWidgets for you to add to your favourite environment such as Pageflakes, Facebook, WordPress, iGoogle and many others including [after a small software download] your PC desktop.

I have set up these widgets for the following podcast feeds – to get one in your environment follow the link and the click the ‘Click Here to Get the Code!’ link.

SpringWidgets have loads more in their Widget Gallery that have been created by their community, and I must give credit to one of their number, Minerva, who created the first Panlibus podcasts feed.

Talking to Herbert van de Sompel about repositories

Over on our Xiphos blog, I’ve just published a podcast conversation I had with Herbert van de Sompel earlier this week.

It’s a nice example of the synergies between issues discussed here on Panlibus and those we’re exploring within Project Xiphos. Have a listen, and see what you think.

Library Technology Guides Syndicate The Library 2.0 Gang

Library 2.0 Gang_ Hosted by Richard Wallis Library Technology Guides ‘Key resources in the field of Library Automation‘, created and edited by Marshall Breeding, has been doing an excellent job "providing comprehensive and objective information related to the field of library automation".    Along side the mass of information about library system companies, library catalogues throughout the world, next-generation catalogs, and an archive of press releases, Marshall’s GuidePosts blog is always a source of informative information about the library sector.

I am therefore very pleased to announce that the The Library 2.0 Gang series of podcast discussions has now joined the the array of resources available from the Library Technology Guides site.

My goal of fostering open conversations between vendors, their customers, and opinion formers in the library market, is closely aligned with Marshall’s objective delivery of information for the benefit of all.  The Library 2.0 Gang, and Library Technology Guides complement each other well.

This move will bring the lively conversations, that Marshall describes in his post announcing it, to a much wider audience.

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Second Life after DOPA

Listen to the Library 2.0 Gang

Second Life after DOPA – Wishful thinking? – No, but it was the order of topics for this week’s Library 2.0 Gang podcast from Talking with Talis.

As a Brit, watching the results of the inner workings, machinations, and political motivations of the US political system can only be a spectator sport. Some of the idiotsyncratic decisions made by the UK Parliament seem to have been outdone in recent weeks by their American cousins with this DOPA (Deleting Online Predators Act) thingy.

From what I understand about this appropriately named bill, which is much more after the discussion, it is a monumentally mistargeted piece of legislation. Having written that, I can visualize hordes of irate comments heading my way accusing me of being complacent in the face of rampant Internet pedophilia. So let me hasten to clarify that I’m totally in tune with the concerns for the young, the innocent, and the vulnerable that motivates those who have started this bill on its way. What I am disappointed about is how these concerns have been enacted in to a proposed law with very little apparent understanding about the medium that it is trying to control.

So why should a guy from Talis in the UK be concerned by a potential US law? – Well much of the promise the emerging change on the Internet, loosely labeled Web 2.0, and the technological aspects of the Library 2.0 changes appearing in the Library world, are being fueled by social software which to a large extent is coming from US based organisations. [As a Talis employee I must point out that Library 2.0 technology developments are not exclusively the domain of US based organisations!] If DOPA blights the growth of such systems the impact will be felt world wide.

After a fascinating insight of the way the US Library community is reacting to DOPA, the gang moved on to one of the social software phenomena that could be effected by it, Second Life. Second Life, and it’s younger partner Teen Second Life, is a virtual world in which you navigate a virtual person around, visit virtual places, do virtual things, meet with other virtual people, build virtual places, start virtual businesses, and even run a virtual library. I’m not the only one who thinks there is something powerful that is being demonstrated by Second Life and the people that you find in it. I’m not sure what it really is yet but there is a germ of something that a few years down the road may well have changed the way we interact with technology.

All is not peace and light though, a Library 2.0 Gang participant was shot at outside the Second Life Library. So in true Library fashion there has now been erected a virtual sign, near the site of the virtual shooting, proclaiming the banning of virtual weapons from the virtual area.

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Library 2.0 Gang talks about mashups

Listen to the Library 2.0 Gang

I’ve just uploaded last night’s Library 2.0 Gang conversation to the Talking with Talis podcast site.

We talk about mashups and libraries, both in the context of the ongoing Mashing up the Library competition, but also reaching beyond that to consider some of the longer term possibilities around providing meaningful access to library resources.

Have a listen, and share your thoughts on the forum.

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Mashing up the City

Travelling home last night, I listened to a podcast from Mashing up the Library judge and InfoWorld columnist, Jon Udell.

In the recording, Jon talks with Dan Thomas and Suzanne Peck from the Washington DC city government about their DCStat programme. DCStat provides live data feeds for an increasing proportion of the city’s service delivery, and creates opportunities for the City – and others – to interpret and reinterpret those data in potentially fascinating ways, a la

The conversation suggests many opportunities from which we could learn in this country, should the Guardian eventually succeed with their Free our Data campaign.

I was left wondering, though, if DC’s libraries could get involved in DCStat at all. If they could, it would make for a great competition entry

Also last night, we recorded the latest Library 2.0 Gang podcast; a great discussion around mashups, LibraryThing, and more. It’ll be up on later today, and is well worth a listen.

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