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Journal TOC + RSS = TOCRoSS

The formal press release regarding JISC project – TOCRoSS was published today.

The 10 month joint project between Emerald Group Publishing Ltd,The University of Derby, and Talis will deliver standards, open source software and a test bed example installation at Derby.

The project team will be proposing an open standards extension to the RSS 2.0 standard to encode metadata associated with e-journal publishing events, for example publication of a journal, issue or article.

To drive TOCRoSS, an RSS server located at the publisher site will generate a ‘feed’ of information that can be automatically picked up by an RSS monitor located at the customer site. The project will also develop a plug-in module for the library management system to enable the catalogue and the OPAC to be updated with the information from the RSS stream.

With TOCRoSS in place, e-journal table of content data will be fed automatically into library catalogues without the need for cataloguing, classification or data entry. This will improve the accuracy of records, save time for library staff and deliver a more integrated OPAC experience to
library users. It will be of particular value to academic libraries, where students often choose search engines such as Google over the library catalogue or myriad databases for tracking down articles and information.

Full article [pdf]

Yet another use of RSS, this time for consumption by both humans & systems.