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Talis watchers will be well aware of the significant number of podcasts that my colleagues and I produce here at Talis.  Apart from the mainly library focused podcasts here on Panlibus, there are the more semantic web based ones on our sister blog Nodalities, education focused ones on the Project Xiphos Blog, and of course the Library 2.0 and Semantic Web gangs.

Keeping up with these streams of podcast output can be a bit of a challenge, so we have taken a few steps to make things easier.

Firstly, on Panlibus, Nodalities, and Xiphos we have created a ‘podcast’ category.   By selecting podcast in the category selector, you can view only podcast postings for that at blog.

Next we have implemented a feed aggregator which brings all the Talis podcasting output in to a single feed under the Talking with Talis brand.  The displayed version of this feed is not as elegant as each dedicated blog feed, but all the information is there and it is a great place to select the aggregated feed for your favourite RSS reader.

iTunes is tool that many use to track download and listen to podcasts.   The Talking with Talis iTunes feed has now been updated to include all of our podcasts.  If you don’t already have this free feed set up in your iTunes, click here to do it now.

Last but not least, you will have noticed the RSS feed widget at the top of this blog post.  This widget is freely available from SpringWidgets for you to add to your favourite environment such as Pageflakes, Facebook, WordPress, iGoogle and many others including [after a small software download] your PC desktop.

I have set up these widgets for the following podcast feeds – to get one in your environment follow the link and the click the ‘Click Here to Get the Code!’ link.

SpringWidgets have loads more in their Widget Gallery that have been created by their community, and I must give credit to one of their number, Minerva, who created the first Panlibus podcasts feed.

Talking to Herbert van de Sompel about repositories

Over on our Xiphos blog, I’ve just published a podcast conversation I had with Herbert van de Sompel earlier this week.

It’s a nice example of the synergies between issues discussed here on Panlibus and those we’re exploring within Project Xiphos. Have a listen, and see what you think.