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What’s the relationship between Talis Prism 3 and Juice?

One of the things I’ve been asked about most over the past few weeks is Juice, and by implication, extending Talis Prism 3. Let me try to explain…

One of the principles underpinning Talis Prism 3 is its ability to grow and do new stuff. There’s a lot we’re doing under the hood to allow us to add new features in our regular releases, but we also want you to be able to play too. We want your web development teams to add cool new features for your institution and to share those with each other.

To do that, we’ve made it so that you can add your own JavaScript to Talis Prism 3 pages, extending them with new features and integrating them with other systems you have.

Using simple JavaScript extensions you could add in Google Maps showing where your branches are. You could bring pricing information from Amazon into your pages, or reviews from LibraryThing. Maybe you’d like to include a floormap of where to find a book in the shelves or embed videos from Meet the Author.

prism with google map

All of these things are possible by adding your own JavaScript extensions to Talis Prism 3.

Of course, most of the things people want to do when extending Talis Prism 3 have things in common. You want to get some information out of the page, do something with it (like query Amazon) and then put something back into the page for the user. That’s where your developers might
find Juice useful.

Juice is not a product and is not part of Talis Prism 3. Juice stands for Javascript User Interface Componentised Extensions. It’s an open-source project started by Richard Wallis to help people extend web-based applications more easily. You can use it to extend any web app where you can add some JavaScript in. Conversely you can extend Talis Prism 3 without using Juice.

Juice has been designed to make it easier to extract information from a page, query other services with that info and then add more information back into the page for the user to work with. As that’s what many extensions will want to do, Talis Prism 3 and Juice make a great combination.

As Talis Prism 3 continues to develop we’ll be adding in more features to allow you to extend it. RSS feeds of searches and a full Linked Data API to get at your catalogue data in other applications are both planned.

If you have ideas on extending Talis Prism 3 for yourselves and want some help, give Richard a shout. He’s always looking out for new ideas and to help people make them real.

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