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Talis Prism 3 Update

The ability to run Talis Prism 3 in parallel with Talis Prism 2 means that we are seeing more and more customers choosing to soft launch Talis Prism 3 in a beta or parallel running phase. We have seen that usage of Talis Prism 3 is falling into one of three categories.

Beta – Where a customer has launched Prism 3 internally to staff and selected users to gather feedback which is then used to make improvements

Parallel – This is when Talis Prism 3 is run in parallel to Talis Prism 2 giving users the choice to trial the new catalogue. This is usually by placing a link on the existing Talis Prism 2 homepage to Talis Prism 3.

Live – This is when a customer has replaced Talis Prism 2 with Talis Prism 3 and this is their sole catalogue.

Below is a summary of customers who are using Talis Prism 3 in one of the above categories


University of Manchester


University of Sunderland
Leicestershire Libraries
University of Cumbria
Thames Valley University


University of Bolton
Bradford Libraries
Southwark Libraries
Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
Haringey Libraries
University of Derby
Talnet – Gwynedd Council
Talnet – Anglesey Council
Talnet – Conwy Council
Talnet – Llandrillo College

If you have any queries about this or any other aspect of Talis Prism 3, please contact your Account Manager or email Alison Kershaw on

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