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Admin Console Release – 27th July 2011

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just released a small update to the Admin Console to take advantage of the new theme fragments in the latest release preview of Prism.

It’s now possible to upload a file to your theme called login.html or noresults.html which will be displayed on the login page and no results page respectively.

If your tenancy has the welsh language option installed, you can upload both English and Welsh versions of these files by adding language codes to the filename, e.g.


This release also enables the Javascript fragment, which is the suggested location for placing any Javascript includes. Placing these in a file called javascript.html and uploading it to your tenancy theme will enable this feature.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please get in touch; you can comment here, on the forums and Prism Ideas or contact your account manager or the Prism team directly.

2 Responses

  1. Michaela Says:

    Was this update rolled out to all customers as we have noticed no difference to our admin console. Do we need to create a login.html file and upload? We tried this but it just looks like login.html is “sitting on top” of the current login page. Any suggestions?

  2. Phil John Says:

    Hi Michaela,

    All customers get the release at exactly the same time as all tenanciesrun from the same underlying code. There’s nothing visible in this admin console release, it just knows that login.html is a “fragment” and treats it slightly differently when telling Prism what to do with the file.

    From looking at your login.html it appears that you’ve included the entire page, rather than just a small amount of content with your desired message in it. Something like this might work better:

    <p>Your borrower number is the 8-digit number on your Student/Staff card.</p>
    <p>You PIN can be obtained from the Issue Desk</p>
    <p>email <a href=""></a> Tel: (01) 7005041/7005183</p>

    If you put that into your login.html file and re-upload you should see that message appear above the login box.

    Kind regards,

    Phil John
    Prism 3 Technical Lead.

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