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New Prism Design Guidelines

We’re pleased to announce the release of the new Prism Design Guidelines.

As Prism evolved and the number of implementations grew, we realised that the existing design guidelines needed to be more comprehensive. We wanted to produce a set of guidelines that would answer common support queries and ensure customers producing their own themes had a solid grounding in the logic of the theme system.

So we set about rewriting the existing guidelines from the ground up. The aim is that the new guidelines can be a desk reference for a freelancer, in house web designer or systems librarian who wants to customise Prism.

The new guidelines cover a variety of topics including:

  • Page Fragments
  • Markup Structure
  • Building Flexible Designs & Future Proofing
  • Using the Admin Console

There’s also plenty of helpful hints on optimisation, development tools, reference works and commonly encountered issues.

Like Prism itself these guidelines are an evolving document and we’ll be integrating feedback and improving them as new features are released. So please do download them and let us know if there are areas you’d like to see covered in more detail.

Download the Prism Design Guidelines.

2 Responses

  1. Lucy Pearson Says:

    Hi, the links to the design guidelines no longer seem to be working. Has it been moved?

  2. Matt Machell Says:

    Hi Lucy,

    looks like they got caught by the website move. I’ve updated the link to the new location at:

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