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Drivers for Process Review

There are, in general, two major reasons for considering process change:

  • A desire to improve efficiency
  • Adapting to changing circumstances

Whilst libraries (both public and academic) are, now more than ever, under pressure to do more with less, one of the recurring themes of the process review work done by Talis in 2010 has been in the second category: to address change driven by an increasingly self-service model of customer interaction with the library. For example:

  • Academic libraries have longer and longer unmanned opening hours.
  • Part time students expect to be able to request something on line and for it to be there when they come in.
  • Where previously a public library reservations would have sat on a shelf behind the counter, they may now be  on an open shelf and issued via a self service terminal

Process Review isn’t necessarily just about saving money. It is often about adapting to changing needs and circumstances

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