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Seeing the wood for the trees

One of the things that I attempt to do after facilitating a process review is elicit feedback from the library a few months after the event to get a long-term view of the usefulness of the exercise.

Almost universally organisations assess the exercise as valuable, even if (as sometimes happens) the goal posts have moved and the circumstances which led to the review have changed. Here are typical comments from four of last year’s reviews: meeting

  • “The exercise of mapping and having to explain of our existing procedures was very helpful as it made us stop & think what we do now, why we do it & do we still need to do it…”
  • “[We] found it useful just to get people around table and talk about processes…”
  • “The main impact of the process review was raising awareness within the team of the need to review, streamline and modernise…”
  • “The very process of learning and doing the process review process was very useful…”

Sometimes there have been unexpected beneficial side effects. One organisation reported discovering that about 25% of the stock in store rooms was marked as “in transit” because updating the status had fallen between two departmental stools.

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