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Soprano release 22nd March 2017

We’re pleased to announce that the version of Soprano that has been in preview recently has now been released to the live service.

Details of the inclusions are given in the release notice on the Soprano blog.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please get in touch. You can comment here on the Soprano blog, on the Soprano forum and Soprano Ideas or contact your Account Manager or the Soprano team directly.

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  1. lin Says:

    is it possible to reserve titles where all the copies are on order using soprano?
    we can do this in Alto but I am getting reports that this is not working in soprano

  2. Terry Willan Says:

    Hi Lin – Currently, in Soprano, you cannot reserve titles where all the copies are on order. We have it on our list of developments to allow you to reserve titles where there are no In Stock/Loanable copies, which includes the case where all copies are on order. I can’t see it in Soprano Ideas, so feel free to add it.

  3. lin Says:

    ok thanks
    I’m a bit confused as usual about why it needs to be added to Ideas though if it is on your dev list already. could your dev list appear in Ideas if you are already working on a developmen? .
    why so many different places to see and request information?

  4. Terry Willan Says:

    Thanks for posting it on Ideas. The Ideas Forums system is the best place for recording your priority requirements. The collaborative aspect is useful to you and us – you can see and vote for or comment on each others’ ideas; we can use it as a guide to our priorities and to clarify understanding through dialogue in the comments.

    Our internal list is actually more than just a list – it supports our development workflows. It would probably be more confusing than helpful if we externalised it, and it wouldn’t serve the purpose as well as the Ideas Forums. We sometimes mention it as a way to indicate the status of the idea in our thinking, not intending to undermine the value of you describing the requirement in Ideas.

    We appreciate that it can be confusing with the variety of channels. We try to use the most appropriate tools for the job.

  5. lin Says:

    Does Soprano warn that an operator password is due to expire, currently Alto warns when a password change is due. If the warning doesn’t appear and the password expires the user just gets a message saying incorrect uername or password and no option to reset the password…at least that’s what appears to happen from our limited experience.

  6. Terry Willan Says:

    Hi Lin, Behaviour to support password ageing is something we know needs to be added to Soprano. It’s in Soprano Ideas as ‘Change error message for expired staff accounts’ if you’d like to vote for it and add a comment to say why it is important to you.

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